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Mayuyu is my Kami-Oshi!! (^w^)

Artist: Do As Infinity
Album: Best of Inu Yasha
Track: Fukai Mori
Plays: 15,291

The Life of International Kpop Fans
Friend: What kind of music do you like?
Me: ... that's a question where my answer may or may not jeopardize our friendship.

Goes the same way for Acchan and Tiffany tbh. Of course and TaeNy and AtsuMina. Probably the reason why I continued loving AtsuMina as well. LOL

Kawaei Rina G+ 2014/08/02

おそよう。Osoyou. [pun: ohayou (‘morning) + osoi (late)]今日も頑張りましょう。Today too let’s do our best.
baekhyun sexting


baekhyun: I want u so bad rn bby

taeyeon: oh really? why don’t you come over? ;)

baekhyun: i can’t find my bus pass


If Baekhyun can do it Chanyeol can


taeyeon: bae come over

baekhyun: i dont have my drivers license 

taeyeon: my parents arent home ;)

baekhyun: can you please pick me up?

The ultimate AKB48 Quizz!!

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